Managing your NDIS plan

Once you have your NDIS plan approved, you can choose how you want it to be managed. There are three options for this and you can choose one of the three or a combination that suits you best - it's entirely up to you.  The choices are:

  • Self manage - You have control of your NDIS funding and responsibility for purchasing your supports. You decide who provides your supports and they can be registered or unregistered providers.  You can employ your own staff or pay someone else to employ them on your behalf.  Self managing does entail additional responsibilities around record keeping, acquittals and payment of provider invoices.
  • Choose a plan manager - and do the same things as if you were self-managing, except a plan manager pays the bills for you. Balanced Account Bookkeeping is a registered plan manager.  You choose who your support providers will be.  They can be registered or unregistered and if you need help we'll be there to guide and assist you.  A plan manager is funded in your plan and doesn't cost you anything.  We take care of paying the providers for the supports you choose to purchase and processing claims from the NDIA.  And we help you keep track of your spending and budgets.  Balanced Account Bookkeeping gives you a detailed statement every month so you can see exactly where your funding is going and how much is left.
  • NDIA Managed - this is where the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) manages your funding.  They pay your support providers directly. You choose your service providers but they must be registered with NDIS.  If your preferred providers aren't registered, they will have to become registered - or you'll have to choose another provider that is registered.  You will be responsible for setting up service agreements with your providers and setting up a service booking for them through the Myplace Participant Portal.  The portal is also where you would go to keep track of your plan balances.


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