Your First NDIS plan

People who are currently receiving supports for their disability under the NSW system will gradually be changing to NDIS.  Then NDIS will pay for services like help at home, community support, help with keeping a job and lots of other things.  When it's time for you to change to NDIS someone from NDIA will contact you, or your carer.  That person will be an NDIS Planner or a Local Area Coordinatior  and will talk to you about making your first NDIS plan.

They'll ask you to think about the things in your life that are going well and your goals for the future.  There may be other supports you'd like to try or things you'd like to learn.  It might be good to talk it through with someone in your family, a friend, or another person that you trust.  That person can come to the planning meeting with you to:

  • help you understand the process
  • help you remember everything that you want to say or ask
  • interpret what's being said in a way that you understand


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Your first plan will focus on your immediate needs and goals.  It may be developed in a conversation over the phone.  Or your planning meeting may happen in person if that's what you wish.  You'll talk about your ideas and goals and your NDIA planner will make a draft plan.  When everyone agrees on the detail, your plan will be finalised and your NDIA representative will contact you.  They'll help you implement your plan and connect you with other groups that can support you.

If you already receive supports from a State government program, your supports and services will continue until your NDIS plan is complete.  Once your plan is in place, it will be reviewed every 12 months.  But if your circumstances change you can talk to the NDIA about having it reviewed before that.


© National Disability Insurance Scheme Launch Transition Agency 2013


© National Disability Insurance Scheme Launch Transition Agency 2013

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