About Balanced Account Bookkeeping

Hi, my name's Tina McLaren.  I'm a registered BAS agent and I've been a tax and accounting technician for almost 30 years. In the last 10 years I've been providing bookkeeping services to a number of different businesses. My clients are spread across quite a few different industries.

More recently, I've also been providing plan management services for NDIS participants. That involves paying for participants' supports and claiming from the NDIA.  Also, I help my clients keep track  of their NDIS funding and send them monthly detailed statements.  This keeps them informed of their ongoing funding balance.

There are many people who are now receiving NDIS funding for the first time.  I help them understand how it works and take the worry out of managing their funding.  Balanced Account Bookkeeping has been granted approval from the NDIA to offer plan management services to NDIS participants. Participants can ask for plan management to be included in their plan, so it is effectively a free service, as it's provided in addition to any other supports in a person's plan.